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Click play on the video below to see the actual performance difference between a website hosted on an A2 Hosting Swift account versus one hosted on an A2 Hosting Turbo Server. While our Swift package performs quite well, the site hosted on our Turbo server loads 173% faster by comparison. These results were generated by the third party performance testing site WebPagetest.org.

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    Swift vs Turbo Feature Comparison  
    Bases de datos totales

    Whether you want to develop with MySQL, MariaDB or both, rest assured that your databases come fine tuned for the best performance at A2 Hosting.

    Turbo Servers (Up To 20X Faster)
    • Más recursos por usuario
    • Menos usuarios por servidor
    • Faster Performance vs. Apache

    Un estudio de Aberdeen Group muestra que un retraso de carga de página de 1- segundos causa una reducción del 7% en tasas de conversión, una reducción del 16% en satisfacción de visitantes y 11% menos vistas de página. No sea víctima de un host lento.

    Nuestros servidores Turbo brindan un reemplazo directo de Apache que carga páginas hasta 20 veces más rápido, comparado con hospedajes estándar. ¿Qué es lo que hace a nuestros servidores Turbo tan rápidos?

    • Menos usuarios por servidor
    • A2 Optimized - con la tecnología de APC/OPcache & Turbo Cache
    • Usa menos CPU y memoria que Apache
    • Gestiona las conexiones más rápida y eficientemente
    • Proporciona una mejor estabilidad

    ¡Entérese más acerca de cómo nuestros servidores Turbo acelerarán al máximo su sitio!

    WordPress LiteSpeed Cache

    Communicates with your Turbo server and LSCache to statically cache your dynamic WordPress pages and greatly reduce your site's page load time

    Acelerador de sitio A2 Optimized - Almacenamiento en caché de sitio pre-configurado
    • Con la tecnología Turbo Cache
    • Con la tecnología APC/OPcache
    • Con la tecnología Memcached

    Nuestro exclusivo acelerador de sitio A2 Optimized es un complemento cPanel que brinda almacenamiento en caché pre-configurado para sus aplicaciones desde una sola interfaz para cargas de página aún más rápidas. Las opciones de almacenamiento en caché incluyen:

    • Turbo Cache - Todo el contenido HTML de una página es almacenada por Turbo Cache y servido sin ejecutar PHP para cargas de página hasta 20 veces más rápidas.
    • OPcache/APC – Las pruebas muestran que OPcache puede reducir a la mitad el tiempo de respuesta de página PHP. OPcache viene pre-configurado con PHP 5.5 y versiones posteriores. APC está disponible en versiones PHP previas.
    • Memcached - incrementa la velocidad de sus bases de datos MySQL manteniendo sus datos más importantes en memoria para una más rápida recuperación.
    Memoria física1 GB2 GB
    Optimizador Railgun (¡tiempos de carga HTML hasta un 143% más rápido!)

    ¡Usted no solo obtendrá tiempos de carga HTML hasta un 143% más breves con Railgun, sino que nuestras cargas de página serán hasta 300% más rápidas que las de los servidores de disco duro estándar! ¡Con Railgun encendido, usted también obtendrá el beneficio adicional de la red Cloudfare de suministro de contenido! Con Cloudfare, su sitio Web se carga hasta un 200% más rápido para sus visitantes.


    Turbo Hosting FAQs

    Learn more about our Swift and Turbo servers below as well as what makes them different below.

    Just like a restaurant doesn't give their recipe away for their secret sauce, we can't give away all of our secrets. However, a big reason why our Turbo servers are so fast are that they use a speed-enhanced, drop in replacement for Apache. Other features that make our Turbo Servers faster are they include more resources than other shared hosting packages, the server has fewer users and of course our A2 Optimized Site Accelerator.

    The A2 Optimized Site Accelerator is our exclusive cPanel plugin that provides you with pre-configured caching for your Turbo Hosting account. This tool plays a large role in why our Turbo Servers are so much faster than competing services. You're not going to find too many Shared Hosting services that offer caching solutions on their shared servers let alone help you configure the solutions with a few clicks of your mouse. A2 Optimized features Turbo Cache, Opcache/APC and Memcached, each playing a part in the blazing fast performance you'll experience with our Turbo Servers.

    • Turbo Cache is a huge factor in offering up to 20X faster page loads compared to competing services by serving your site's HTML content without having to run PHP. 
    • Tests have shown that the OpCache/APC solutions can cut PHP response time by half.
    •  Memcached stores your most important MySQL data in memory so that it can be retrieved quickly.

    Websites are viewed many times over the course of a day, month and year. Each time a site is visited, the server the site is hosted on has to run a request and convert all of the pieces that comprise the site to make it appear properly in a web browser. This can be quite complex and time consuming while actually causing your site to run slowly. The reality is that your site likely isn't changing very much from visitor to visitor. This is where caching is helpful. When caching is turned on, your site's files are stored within the much faster RAM (memory). This means that when each visitor accesses your site, your site's server doesn't have to do all the complicated and potentially slow processes necessary to have your site show properly. The server instead just has to send the stored HTML file of your site to your visitor's browser for a quick page load. Most caching solutions can even empty the stored cache when new content is created allowing visitors to see the most recent page when the site has been updated.

    Think about the last slow loading site that you visited. Did you wait for it to load or did you hit the back button to go to the next result or search for your information elsewhere? You likely ended up visiting a competing site. You're not alone! Studies show that a mere 1-second delay in your page load can reduce your site's conversions by 7%, reduce the satisfaction with your site by 16% and reduce the number of pages they view by 11%. Whether you're an eCommerce site or a content site, having a fast loading site is crucial. The bottom line is that choosing the right hosting provider can go a long way in ensuring that your site performs well for your visitors.

    Visit our Swift vs Turbo knowledgebase article to read more about the granular details that make Turbo outperform our Swift Hosting accounts.

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